Flight Data Analysis

Once you upload your log files, go to the Flights tab. There you have a list of all your flight logs. Under View link you will find full analysis of your flight data:


This is basic flight information providing origin and destination data, flight time, distance and fuel burn. If any value went out of the normal operating range, you will see engine warnings there.


Analysing data from avionics system and GPS we can draw a flight track on the Google Map and match different occurances (takeoffs, landings, parameters out of normal operating range, engine warnings) or even photos to certain points on your flight track. If your camera’s date and time settings are correct we will be able to find out which flight matches your uploaded photos.


In the Animation tab you can see your entire flight “replayed” on the Google Earth in 3D visualization. If you upload your engine logs from Garmin 1000 or Cirrus Perspective avionics you will be able to see your plane rolling in the turns like it does in the real flight.


All data parameters the avionics system is capable of logging are presented in Graphs section. You can turn on/off each parameter by clicking on its name under the chart. Zoom in part of your flight data you are interested in details by dragging and spanning (click, hold and span).