Uploading Engine Log Files

  1. To upload an engine log file go to the Flights tab and click New flight. Select your aircraft and avionics, enter Takeoff Weight (optionally), select log file from your PC then press Enter or click Send. You can also upload multiple files at one time.

    Please note: Before uploading your first engine logs you have to define your aircraft first. Go to Aircraft tab, click New aircraft and select type of Cirrus you fly.

  2. Once you upload first log files, you receive a notification asking you to confirm added flight data.

  3. Go to notification inbox and confirm each flight by clicking Confirm. Then certain information about each flight will be displayed: chosen aircraft, takeoff and landing airports, runways, date and time of takeoff/landing.

    It may happen that our analysis system finds more then one takeoff or/and landing during one flight. You can modify the information by deleting occurrences that where mistakenly detected due to inaccuracy of your Flight Data Logging feature and GPS device. Just select Delete icon to the right corner of particular information. It may also happen that our system chooses wrong takeoff/landing airport or runway. You can correct the data selecting appropriate information from a drop-down menu.

  4. Once you click Confirm button again, your flight and engine data will appear in Flights tab area and you will be able to analyse them.